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Welcome back for another great year at duPont Manual High. We are all excited about the upcoming school year.

duPont Manual provides a dynamic, interdisciplinary, diverse learning community that focuses on rigorous academic, technical, and artistic college-preparatory magnet programs. At duPont Manual, we are proud of our continuing excellence, diversity, and tradition. Our historic school building is bustling with a dedicated staff and over 1,800 dynamic students.

duPont Manual, in a cooperative effort among faculty, staff, parents, students and the greater community will:

  • Nurture and sustain academic excellence for all students
  • Provide diversified instruction to meet the needs of all learning styles
  • Recognize multiple-giftedness
  • Educate beyond the classroom walls through foreign/ domestic travel, project-driven research activities, community leadership, career pathways, performance and service.

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Parking for 2018-19

If your name is on one of the list below, you may come to the MANUAL LIBRARY on THURSDAY, AUGUST 9th between 9:00-12:00 to pick up your pass. Please bring $20.00 cash or check.

Manual Parking

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Summer Assignments


Summer Reading Recommendations for all Manual English classes
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AP Seminar

Read the entire text and do the exercises on the following pages. Responses should be typed and in MLA format. Visit the Owl Purdue website for MLA formatting guidelines. You do not need to retype any of the given texts when you respond; however, you should write in complete sentences rather than bullet information. In addition to completing the exercises, be prepared for some form of assessment (test, discussion, written assignment, etc.) on the book the first week of class.
p. 14 exercise #1
p. 41 exercise #2
p. 67 exercise #1 (You may not use "Don't Blame the Eater" for this exercise. Choose one of the other readings.)
p. 75 exercise #1
p. 90 exercise #1

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AP Research
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MST Algebra 2
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AP Stats
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AP Chemistry
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AP Art
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AP World History

Students, in order to complete the full summer assignment, you must join the APWH edmodo group to access the reading. You can use the following link to request to join the group here

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Honor the Past


Empower the Present


Ensure the Future