PTSA Board Description

The Executive Commitee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the principal of the school or a representative, and the elected officers:

  • President
  • 4 Vice Presidents
  • Recording Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Parliamentarian

The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to elect/appoint committee chairs and appropriate school liaisons, approve the “plans of work” submitted by committee chairs, and act in time sensitive and emergency situations.

The Board of Managers (Directors)

  1. The PTSA Board of Managers shall consist of the executive committee, standing committee chairs, student representative(s), teacher representatives, and appropriate school liaisons.
  2. The president runs the meetings. He/She may make or break a tie, but must step down to vote. The 1st vice president assumes the role of president in such a case.
  3. Only members of the Manual PTSA who have paid dues for the current year may participate in the business of the association.
  4. The Board of Managers is responsible for selecting an auditor or an auditing committee to audit the treasurer’s books.
  5. The budget / ways & means committee is chaired by the treasurer and is composed of the president, 3rd vice president (fundraiser) and at least one other board member.

Rights and Responsibilities

  1. All Board of Managers are given a procedure binder/folder of information to be passed on each year to their successor. This information is vital to the continuing success of each position. It is the responsibility of each member to keep the information intact and up to date to be passed on in a timely fashion when his/her term is completed. If a Board member resigns, the procedure binder/folder is to be turned in to the president within two weeks of the resignation.
  2. All Board of Managers are responsible for tracking their volunteer hours.
  3. Committee chairs will contact each and every volunteer name given to them, inform volunteers of specific ways in which to serve and track the volunteer hours.
  4. The president and/or principal should have final approval of all communication being disseminated with the PTSA name.
  5. All Board of Managers will submit pertinent information to the PTSA Newsletter and to the PTSA website (or publicity chair).
  6. Board of Managers will transact business, implement “plans of work” and give monthly reports when necessary.