Board Roles


  • Presides over meetings
  • Is an ex-officio of all committees, except the Nominating Committee
  • Coordinates the work of officers and committee chairs
  • Performs other duties as needed according to the business of the association

1st Vice President – Programs

  • Oversees all programs
  • Assists the President and presides if President is unable to do so
  • Gives inspirational quote at all meetings

2nd Vice President – Membership

  • Establishes committee to heavily solicit PTSA membership at various school/PTSA events
  • Works with Treasurer and Membership Chair in collecting/counting membership money
  • Oversees and supports magnet liaisons

3rd Vice President – Ways & Means

  • Works with Treasurer to review funding requests, budget, and financial matters
  • Works to support the membership and donations drive

4th Vice President – Communications

  • Works closely with President to set strategy and ensure all PTSA communications are aligned with mission and pillars
  • Works with Communications Team to oversee the website, digital news, MailChimp database, photography, social media, etc. and assist where needed


  • Makes sure books have been audited before accepting them
  • Makes sure new signature cards are on file at the bank
  • Keeps custody of all the funds of the association
  • Keeps a full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures
  • Deposits funds promptly
  • Makes disbursements by checks, as authorized by President and in accordance with the budget
  • Presents YTD budget at all PTSA meetings

Recording Secretary

  • Makes monthly agenda call and distributes completed agenda to board members and guests
  • Records minutes of monthly PTSA meetings
  • Presents minutes for approval
  • Acts as custodian of important papers/records


  • Advises President on parliamentarian procedures
  • Chairs the Bylaws and Standing Rules Revision Committee
  • Responsible for holding annual elections for SBDM positions

Advocacy Chair

  • Coordinates the work of the Advocacy Committee
  • Coordinates attendance at JCPS Board of Education meetings and/or work sessions as needed
  • Requests information from Principal about issues affecting duPont Manual
  • Works closely with President and 4th VP to increase awareness, educate members, launch calls to action

Alumni Service Corps

  • Alumni are encouraged to continue their impact on the Manual community through PTSA membership; volunteering at special events; mentoring students; and participating in other meaningful ways.

Awards Program Chair

  • Coordinates the work of the Awards Program Committee
  • Obtains information about District and State PTA awards
  • Discerns which awards would be beneficial for Manual PTSA
  • Ensures applications are appropriately completed, either by chair or by person submitting application (depending on criteria of award)
  • Timing: January – March

Campus Beautification Chair

  • Coordinates the work of the Beautification Committee
  • Maintains yards, gardens and courtyards; front door pots changed seasonally
  • Schedules and coordinates one or two cleanup days, typically prior to start of school and before Open House
  • Utilizes student and parent volunteers, especially on Fall Mulch days
  • Timing: Primarily August – October

Clothing Assistance Program (CAP) Chair

  • Coordinates the work of the CAP Committee
  • Secures ten volunteers to work our assigned dates (10 am – 1pm) at the 15th District Clothing Assistance Program (CAP) Center
  • Coordinates a clothing drive for the CAP program, if needed
  • Runs Male/Manual collection challenge during Red/White Week
  • Works with school to maintain Community Closet and identify any immediate school/student clothing needs
  • Coordinates additional work day(s) at CAP if needed

College/Career Center (CCC) Chair

  • Maintains College/Career Center, including resources and supplies
  • Secures and maintains schedule of 60 volunteers; conducts August training
  • Answers phone calls and schedules shadow appointments
  • Works with counselors to secure AP exam registration volunteers end Jan/early Feb
  • Works with counselors to secure AP exam volunteers early May
  • Supports College 101 night

Communications Chair(s)

  • Attends monthly PTSA meetings OR reads minutes to learn about school-related news, activities, events, etc.
  • Coordinates (with content contributors) obtaining information from magnet programs, school staff, etc. and writes/edits/formats content as needed
  • Alerts volunteer photographers for PTSA/school events and ensures photos are stored on PTSA drive and accessible to Historian/4th VP
  • Assists Digital News and Social Media Coordinators as needed
  • This position is strongly supported by the 4th VP (Executive Board) and will hopefully transition into that role when ready

Corresponding Secretary

  • Conducts the correspondence of the association, in accordance with the standing rules
  • Works closely with school secretary in obtaining information regarding needed correspondence
  • Co-Chairs, along with the PTSA President, the annual PTA Founders’ Day Luncheon in mid-February. Manages the guest list, sends invitations, helps determine honorees
  • Keeps record of Lifetime Recognition awards and past presidents

Crimson Mission Liaison

  • Reports to PTSA Board members the current activity of the Crimson Mission Board

Digital News Coordinator(s)

  • Monitors PTSA E-news Gmail account for submissions and creates draft blog posts in WordPress
  • Prepares weekly draft of Manual POST e-newsletter in MailChimp
  • Maintains subscriber list in MailChimp


  • Keeps a history of the PTSA for the school year by taking pictures and collecting materials
  • Records the history by completing a digital scrapbook containing pictures and materials of the PTSA
  • Is readily available to attend PTSA functions
  • Submits digital scrapbook to District PTA Awards Chair

Hospitality Chair

  • Oversees all PTSA hospitality events:
    • Welcome Back Teachers Breakfast (August, may work with students from service clubs)
    • Open House Chili Supper (Open House night, organizes donations of chili and other food items to feed teachers after school and prior to beginning of Open House)
    • Parent/Teacher conferences (October and February, may work with students from service clubs)
    • Holiday Luncheon (December, given by Principal, PTSA serves only)
    • Founders’ Day Luncheon (February)
    • Staff Appreciation Luncheon (include maintenance, May)
    • Bus Driver and Cafeteria Staff recognition (December)
    • Thanksgiving Dinner (help serve food during students’ lunchtime)
  • Works with Volunteer Coordinator to send out Sign Up Genius’s for hospitality event help and food donations

IdeaFest Liaison

  • Works with school coordinators and JCPS administrators to host IdeaFest event
  • Seeks funding and sponsors to support event
  • Works with venue, media and outside partners to obtain coverage and support for the event

Magnet Liaisons (VA/MST/HSU/J+C/YPAS and ECE)

  • Reports magnet updates & upcoming events at monthly PTSA meetings
  • Works with PTSA and magnet staff & families to develop this role as needed & as resources allow
  • Regularly attend magnet booster organization meetings and/or communicate with respective leadership

Membership Chair

  • In early July, determines Membership theme and logo, drafts membership form, confirms membership and payment links on website are functional
  • Works closely with President, 2nd VP, 3rd VP and school to coordinate membership and donations drive during registration week (end July/early Aug)
  • Secures volunteers for registration week
  • Keeps current membership list
  • Works closely with Treasurer in collecting and counting membership money
  • Attends Back To School Faculty breakfast and encourages Teacher sign-ups
  • Submits monthly and final March membership reports to State PTA in a timely fashion

Nominating Chair

  • Identify a minimum of 2 members to be on Nominating Committee in addition to the Chair
  • Reach out to current Board members to determine who is rolling off, staying on the Board, and/or switching to a different position (March)
  • Actively recruit new members to join the Board (April/May)
  • Help identify replacement for a vacated Board position, if necessary


  • Take photos at school athletic/academic/PTSA events throughout the year and submit within 3 days to Communications Team

Programs Chair

  • Coordinates the work of the Programs Committee
  • Provides one to two programs a year that promote the welfare of Manual students, including a wellness/compassion program in the fall and a college program in the spring

Project Graduation Chair

  • Coordinates the work of the Project Graduation Committee
  • Together with the school, parents of seniors, and community supporters, plans Project Graduation, an all-night, safe alternative for the celebration of high school graduation
  • Secures location, coordinates student sign-up, procures donations, arranges prizes and lines up volunteers for that night
  • Timing: February – early June

Red/White Week Chair

  • Coordinates the work of the Red/White Week Committee
  • Communicates with Executive Council sponsor to identify volunteer/food needs
  • Solicits volunteers for Friday night decorating, provides food and drink for volunteers
  • Timing: October (involves after school/evening time before and during Red/White Week)

Reflections Chair

  • Coordinates Manual participation in National PTA Reflections program
  • Distributes information via English and Art teachers
  • Communicates information via all school and PTSA channels
  • Double checks criteria when entries are received
  • Secures judges to select which entries go on to the 15th District PTA
  • Delivers entries to 15th District PTA, and then back to students
  • Timing: September – December

SBDM Liaison

  • Reports SBDM updates at PTSA meetings

Scholarship Chair

  • Coordinates duPont Manual PTSA scholarship program
  • Publicizes, distributes and collects applications
  • Secures a selection committee (chair not a part)
  • Notifies winners
  • Publicizes 15th District PTA scholarships and State PTA scholarships
  • Works with counselors in distributing and collecting applications
  • Submits applications

Social Media Coordinator(s)

  • Works closely with Communications Team to post regular updates to PTSA social media channels in accordance with communications strategy
  • Provides creative ideas for content and new ways to engage all members
  • Respond to questions posted in Facebook group when possible, or tag appropriate people

Volunteer Chair

  • Maintains updated spread sheet on volunteer names
  • Utilizes Sign Up Genius to create sign-ups for committee chairs
  • Teaches Board members how to use/create Sign Up Genius for their event

Website Coordinator(s)

  • Maintains PTSA website in WordPress
  • Works with Communications Team and possibly other board members/committee chairs to ensure information on the website is current and new content is posted regularly

Wellness & Compassion Chair

  • Coordinates financial and/or physical resources to aid families/students with emergency situations
  • Seeks programs that promote positive mental and physical well-being, health, wellness, and compassion