Crimson Hour a Huge Success

Crimson Hour a Huge Success

A survey among students and teachers indicated that 92% think that Crimson Hour – an unstructured lunch hour held Friday, 11/3 – should be repeated. Students used the hour in a variety of ways. The top 5 student activities were:

73% studying / research
33% group work
32% meet with teacher
32% work on a project
30% socializing

Feedback from teachers included:

“I got to talk to my students in a more relaxed environment.”

“Worked with 14 different students on late/missing remediation-type of assignments.”

“I had 2 students drop by to catch up missing work during my 15 minutes of student progress check-in. I held mindfulness meditation for the last 15 minutes.”

“…met with students for both club and academic purposes. I would not have been able to meet with students like this during class or after school. Having time where every student was available at the same time was so valuable.”

Students were productive and built community:

“I went to a teacher’s class to work on an in-class project with my project group.”

“Finishing assignments”

“Practicing music at YPAS”

“Made up a test”

“Socializing in a classroom quietly and respectfully”
Students and teachers had good improvement suggestions, including: notice of when teachers will be available; need for more quiet space; and offering Crimson Hour once a semester isn’t enough.

Administrators are looking at the schedule to see if another Crimson Hour can be scheduled before exam week.