Our Board/Committee meetings are typically the 3rd Wednesday of the month (August-May) from 8:30-9:30am in the PTSA room near the cafeterias. Three general PTSA meetings are held per year, one at Open House in the auditorium (evening), one at the College 101 program (evening), and one in May that you will receive information about when scheduled.

2017-18 PTSA Meeting Dates

  • July 17, 11:30am at Bravo Cucina Italiano (summer transition meeting)
  • August 23, 8:30am (date shifted due to 3rd Wed being the 1st day of school)
  • September 7, 6:00pm in the Manual auditorium / OPEN HOUSE
  • September 20, 8:30am
  • October 18, 8:30am
  • November 15, 8:30am
  • December 12 (lunch/social meeting)
  • January 17, 8:30am (cancelled due to weather)
  • February 7, 8:30am (rescheduled from 3rd Wednesday due to Founders’ Day event)
  • March 21, 8:30am
  • April 18, 8:30am
  • May 16, 8:30am

PTSA Meeting Minutes