NYC Heritage Festival awards

Orchestra Receives Top Honors at NYC Festival

Twenty-three YPAS/Manual orchestra students took part in the 2018 New York Heritage Festival in NYC from April 4-8. The orchestra received several top honors, including a Gold/1st place award in their division, the Adjudicator Award for their overall score, and Outstanding Orchestra Group for the best orchestra overall. Senior Megan Wang and junior Molly McInnis were also awarded the Maestro Award for their solo performances, which was only given to 10 students in the entire festival (about 1,000 students total).

Congrats to Megan, Molly, and the orchestra!

(The stuffed llama in the photo was won by a few of the students who decided to pool their Dave and Busters arcade tickets together to get me a gift. The llama’s name is Dave and he, along with his #Mood beanie, will reside in the orchestra room.)

Thanks to Dan Whisler, YPAS Orchestra Director, for sharing this great news!