dMHS Latin Club

Spotlight: Latin Club

The mission of Latin Club is to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. In the first week of March, Latin Club will be going to the Kentucky Junior Classical League State Convention to meet fellow JCL members and to compete in written assessments and Latin Quick Recall.
Latin Club is looking for students who are passionate about the Classics, wish to join the community, and represent Manual as part of the Junior Classical League. Students currently taking a Latin course may join Latin Club. There are 40 student members, and we meet 1 Friday each month in Room 226.

Sponsor: Ms. Cynthia Shiroma

Student Officers:
President: Charles Im
1st Vice President: Logan Nall
2nd Vice President: Lucas Manning
Parliamentarian: Aju Chitrakar
Communications Coordinator: Emma Heironimus
Historian: Sandra Temgoua