Spotlight: Manual Achievement Center


The Learning Lab and AEMS programs have been combined into a state of the art facility called the Manual Achievement Center (MAC). MAC will be REPLACING both AEMS and the Learning Lab, which will no longer exist.

The mission of the MAC is:

Fostering the study skills and personal success habits that enhance learning and encourage the highest level of scholarship. Providing highly qualified teachers who assist students in reaching mutually established goals. Supporting students in achieving College and Career Readiness through individualized instruction, mentoring, and peer tutoring.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Students will have access to one-on-one or small group instruction from a certified teacher
  • Students will improve their skills in course level classes, which will benefit them in all current and future classes
  • The skills learned will aid in improving students’ performance on the ACT, SAT, and other tests
  • Students will become more prepared than ever for college, careers, and anything that comes after they graduate from high school
  • Students can work in the MAC during their study skills and mornings with time allowed for other work
  • Students have the opportunity to work in an extraordinary place with a uniquely collegiate feel

We look forward to working with your students, and we invite you to come in and check out our new facility–it truly is amazing!

Mina Todd, David Richards, Amy Ritchie, Eric Purvis, Tiffany Dix, and Christina Causey