Nominations Open for 2019-21 SBDM Parent Representative

SBDM Graphic

School-based decision-making (SBDM) was mandated by state law in 1990 to promote shared leadership among those who are closest to the students. The council is the governing body for duPont Manual High School. It determines school policy for curriculum, staffing, discipline, scheduling, instructional practices, extra-curricular activities and other matters pertinent to the operation of the … Read moreNominations Open for 2019-21 SBDM Parent Representative

Planned changes to HSU

High School University (HSU) is the only magnet that does not have any required HSU-only course.  In an effort to strengthen HSU’s identity, and enhance the curriculum, the Manual counselors are introducing an HSU required Freshman course tentatively called HSU Foundations.  This course, based upon a review of many colleges’ liberal arts programs, would teach … Read morePlanned changes to HSU

SBDMs need your support

From Ronda Harmon, Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of School Councils (KASC): There’s a November 19 joint education committee meeting in Frankfort, where Jim Waters of Bluegrass Institute and Randy Poe, supt of Boone County, are continuing the annual attack against SBDM. (We’ve got two KASC board members who are going to testify if they are … Read moreSBDMs need your support

Principal Selection Process on Schedule

The Principal Selection Process is on track with its timetable: a slate of candidates has been reviewed, parents have provided feedback via a survey, and a Community meeting was held August 9.  Candidate interviews are in process, and a decision regarding the final 2 candidates will be made by Monday afternoon, August 27,  so that … Read morePrincipal Selection Process on Schedule

Students, Parents and Staff Suggest Principal Evaluation Criteria

The Principal Selection Committee, chaired by Assistant Superintendent of High Schools Glenn Baete, hosted a community meeting with students, parents, staff in the Manual Auditorium Thursday 6-8pm. In advance of the meeting, 354 students, parents and staff completed a survey ranking ten aspects of a new principal. The results are shown below. with the key characteristics highlighted in red.

Read moreStudents, Parents and Staff Suggest Principal Evaluation Criteria

How To Participate in the Principal Selection Process

On July 20, JCPS initiated a search for a new principal for duPont Manual High School. Kirk Lattimore was named acting principal on July 25 until a permanent principal is selected. The SBDM Principal Selection Policy requires the creation of a Principal Recommendation Committee including the SDBM and 1 administrator, 2 teachers, 1 parent, and 1 … Read moreHow To Participate in the Principal Selection Process