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duPont Manual Boy's Golf

duPont Manual High School - Boy's Golf

Overview - duPont Manual High School Boy’s Golf is a Kentucky High School Athletic Association sanctioned sports team that competes in Kentucky’s Region 6. Manual fields teams at the varsity and junior varsity levels and plays approximately 20 events at each level.

Tournaments - At the varsity level, Manual will compete in approximately 10 tournaments and 10 matches. Tournaments are 18-hole events where as many as 25 teams compete. Over the past years, the team has traveled to all parts of the state to play in tournaments. These tournaments are typically played on Saturdays and are an all-day event. A tournament team consists of 5 players, with the top four scores being used to calculate a team score.

Matches - Match play is a 9-hole event which is played after school, against one or two local teams, and typically at a Louisville Metro Parks golf courses. Matches usually take three hours to complete. In match play, the team typically consists of six golfers, using the four best scores to determine the team score.

Practice - Because Manual golf is not a “club” sport, we ask that players achieve a certain level of skill before choosing to participate. Incoming freshmen should score near 100 (18-hole) / 50 (9-hole) or better and players are expected to demonstrate measurable improvement each year.

Schedule - Manual golf is a competitive sport that represents the school in the field of play against other schools. The 2015 boy’s golf schedule has been updated online but may change based on weather, course changes, etc. There is little practice time before the season begins and it is suggested that players be on top of their game when the season starts.

Fees - The boy’s golf team is mostly self-funded. Typically the boys pay for their own team shirt(s), team golf bag (optional) and green fees for matches. The duPont Manual Boys Golf Booster Club assists with fundraising activities (donations, scramble, raffle, etc.), volunteering, tournaments and year-end team banquet.