40 Manual/YPAS students selected for All-State Band Ensembles

40 Manual/YPAS students selected for All-State Band Ensembles

Congratulations to the following students selected Saturday by the Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) for 2019 All-State band ensembles:

Jazz Ensemble 1

Sam Banister, Second Tenor Sax

Zach Hood, Lead Trombone

Carter Hawkins, Third Trombone

Sam Feinstein, Guitar

Camron Gooden, Bass

Jazz Ensemble 2

Cameron Peterson, Baritone Sax


Lillie Kang, Principal Flute

Jasper Kasey, Flute 2

Nadia Cho, Principal Oboe

Blanton Boso, Principal Bassoon

Aquazia Hamler, Principal Clarinet

Matthew Goode, Clarinet 2

Ben Fowler, Horn 3

Gabriel Weible, Snare 3

Kyle Roemer, Timpani

Symphonic Band

Nicole Doelling, Flute 4

Katie Hoerig, Flute 7

Elise Williamson, Flute 10

Madelynn Phelps, Clarinet 18

Destine Grigsby, Bass Clarinet 3

Sofia Mitchell, Principal Alto Sax

Jeremiah Potter, Alto Sax 2

Aaron Chong, Alto Sax 4

Keller Orosz, Principal Bass Trombone

Parker Dye, Euphonium 2

Ford Smith, Mallet 2

Concert Band

Jiwon Jung, Principal Flute

Yeji Chung, Flute 5

Samantha Ross, Flute 15

Hayoung Oh, Flute 18

Ike Harrell, Bassoon 2

Olivia Smith, Clarinet 10

Ellen Williams, Clarinet 14

Amos Kinloch, Clarinet 22

Shyam Ravishankar, Bass Clarinet 4

Jackson Murray, Bass Clarinet 5

Josh Polion, Trumpet 2

Cian Toole, Trumpet 5

Forest Clevenger, Bass Trombone 2

Aaron Moeller, Timpani

All-State Ensembles will perform at the Kentucky Center for the Arts during the KMEA Professional Development Conference February 6-9Tickets go on sale on Dec 18.