Advice for Incoming Freshman and Those Who Love Them

Going off to high school can be so exciting! That doesn’t mean you aren’t worried about all the things that high school brings, positive and negative. The good news is that there are other people to help you, and plenty of other high school parents to help your parents. Here are some things other duPont Manual High School friends’ parents offer specifically for incoming freshman:

  • Get two different backpacks. It really will go a long way in helping you become organized and acclimated to the block scheduling of Red/White days.
  • Join the DuPont Manual PTSA Facebook page
  • Make sure you have submitted your email addresses to the office so that you get the Manual Morning Announcements. Sometimes you may feel like you’re drowning in emails or posts, but when you need them, you can search for them and the information is at your fingertips.
  • Consider buying multiple student ID Cards. You will be issued one. Consider buying two additional, one for each backpack. This prevents you from getting called out for missing ID. Last year, they were $5.00 each and you could buy them after the first week or two of school.
  • Encourage your child to do their homework on the night it is given. It can be so tempting to push it off since you won’t have that class the next day.
  • Manual has an amazing number of clubs/activities – a great way to meet new friends beyond the classroom and magnet. Encourage your child to try new things and join some clubs.
  • Let your child make mistakes and learn to fix them. (This is tough but so worth it.) This may also mean standing your ground if other adults are giving you grief about it. It’s a great lesson for your child to bring about a solution with a teacher or friend.
  • Don’t obsess over grades in the portal. Just because you can check every day doesn’t mean that you should. Help them establish a growth mindset. Encourage your child to stay in communication with their teachers.
  • Take the study skills class and use the time wisely. This can be a huge boon to an overwhelming schedule.
  • Use your locker. Lots of kids never do, and that can be a big mistake. Carrying too much weight is unhealthy. If your locker is not close to your classes, request a new one. Even if you don’t go to it every day, here are some things that students frequently need that you may want to keep in your locker: sweatshirt, water bottle, nonperishable snacks, deodorant, extra school ID, and any other items you might need, forget, or want to have in between school, extracurricular activities, and pick up.

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A variety of parents helped with this advice from our active group on FB, including Lisa Powell, Wendy Travis-Hampton, Gerry Lou Monsour, Brenda Williams, Kim Farris Williams, Melissa Taylor Pascua, and Lisa Smoot Becker.