CCC Spotlight: College Rep Visits

Manual’s College & Career Center – also known as the CCC – is hopping these days. Did you know that during the months of September and October we will have had over 100 colleges visit our school? College representatives from large and small schools, public and private, across the United States, visit Manual each year hoping to attract our students to their universities. It is a fabulous way for our kids, particularly our seniors, to connect with admission reps – ask questions, learn about their campus, inquire about scholarships and financial aid opportunities, etc. This year to date, we’ve had almost 500 students attend a college rep visit! Schools like Vanderbilt, NYU, Yale, University of Alabama, Washington University in St. Louis, UK, Purdue, IU, and Johns Hopkins have all had very large student turnouts. The U.S. Naval Academy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Army personnel have all stopped by too. So come check out the CCC and the tremendous number of diverse institutions frequenting our campus! The CCC calendar is hanging outside of the Guidance Office for your review, or simply click here to view the schedule.