Are you taking advantage of college rep visits?

Did you know that Manual’s College and Career Center (CCC) located in the Guidance Office is visited by more than 100 college admission representatives every Fall? Now is the time, especially for Seniors, to make a connection with the colleges that they are considering applying to. Each visit lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Students are encouraged to drop by, meet the rep, pick up information, and ask questions. Many times, students are unsure what to ask. Below is a list of potential questions to help stimulate dialogue with the rep.

The process for attending a college rep visit in the CCC is simple: Bring in a parent note and ask your teacher one class period ahead of time if you can be excused to visit the CCC. Any classwork missed will be your responsibility to make up. If you have a test or something important where you cannot attend the visit, simply pop by the CCC later that day and pick up a brochure. The college rep typically leaves their contact information and you can then reach out to them at your convenience via email or phone. Click here to view the CCC calendar.