New Engineering Pathway Program To Be Offered

New Engineering Pathway Program To Be Offered

A new engineering elective will be available with the 2018-2019 academic year. A 4-year pathway program will expose students to engineering and prepare them for engineering and technology courses in college. The elective courses will provide students with hands-on projects in engineering design, mechanics, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing, civil construction and design, alternative energy, bioengineering, and aerospace engineering.

The program will be a partnership with industry and university members to design courses and curriculum that will enhance MST classes and apply critical thinking in the development of solutions to real-world problems. Students will achieve basic understanding of engineering principles and the engineering design process, create a capstone design project, and potentially gain work-related experience through internships and be prepared to attend an engineering college.

The first course, to be offered during 2018-19, is Engineering Design:

Engineering Design is a course for students interested in design and engineering principles. It is a project- and research-based course that enhances learning experiences where students focus on mechanical, electrical, fluid and thermal systems. This will enable in depth exploration in engineering areas such as manufacturing, power/energy/transportation, bio-medical, robotics, hydraulics, electricity/electronics, communications, construction systems, alternative energy, computer aided design and problem solving. The major focus is to expose students to the design process, research and analysis, teamwork, and communication methods. Students will employ engineering, scientific, and mathematical concepts in solving engineering design problems. Students will develop problem-solving skills and apply their knowledge of research and design to create solutions to various challenges.

Thanks to Ms. McCall for the Engineering Pathway information.