Got a minute? Manual & YPAS Branding Surveys

Dear Manual and YPAS Parents, Guardians, Students, and Alumni,

As many of you are aware, there are many challenges happening in our community in regards to funding, admissions and magnet programs at duPont Manual High School and YPAS. It is important that our constituents and the community better understand our mission, values and how the majors at YPAS work in conjunction with Manual to provide an outstanding education. We also need to create a cohesive image of our school and the many talented students that attend.

As we began this year, a parent volunteer stepped forward to help us with this important project. She created a survey that will help us understand your impressions of our school and what you perceive as it’s strengths and challenges. Please take a moment to fill out the 10 question survey. This survey is completely anonymous. It should only take a few minutes, but will give us great insight and direction as we move forward. Please complete by Monday, April 18th.



I sincerely thank you for making time to participate.

Kathleen Kronauer
Youth Performing Arts School
Assistant to the Principal
1517 South Second Street
Louisville, KY  40208