Monster Mania Exhibit Opening Reception

Please join us for the Monster Mania opening reception, this Thursday, August 20, from 4:00-6:30 in the Norma E. Brown Gallery. The gallery entrance is through Exit 22, which is at the back of Manual, the door near the gated courtyard at the top of the ramp. Please note that the front doors of Manual will not be open for this event.

This exhibition is the result of three art teachers, Melinda Snyder (Bloom Elementary) and Julie Tallent and Cyndi Young (duPont Manual High School), coming together to  pair two age levels to come up with an amazing and touching art project.

Ms. Snyder began the project by reading the book, I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll, illustrations by Howard McWilliam, to her kindergarten students. Not needing much more encouragement, the children immediately began creating wonderful monsters with crayon on paper.

Ms. Tallent and Ms. Young received the monster drawings and then put their students to work adding background details, shadows and highlights to their own monsters, still keeping the original integrity of the kindergarten artwork. Ms. Young’s student’s clay interpretations were a wonderful three dimensional adaptation.

At the end of the project both ages came together to share and enjoy their creativity. The screams of joy were heard throughout the first floor of Bloom Elementary as the high school students revealed their interpretations of the kindergartener’s monsters! It was truly an engaging and rewarding art lesson for all! Now it is your turn. Please come and join the fun!