New Manual POST Format

New Manual POST Format

Our weekly email newsletter has a new look and format, thanks to incoming 4th VP-Communications Jim Cabral and his awesome tech skills!

One of the standing rules of our PTSA is that we will not proceed or continue with any program or initiative unless the resources are in place to do it properly. Publishing a weekly newsletter has required a big time commitment in past years, and has been an obstacle to recruiting new communications team leadership, so much so that we considered discontinuing the POST, even though it is a valuable resource and benefit for our community.

Fortunately, Jim has embraced his new role and hit the ground running with ideas to make the process more automated and efficient. He is very tech savvy and process-oriented – skills much needed on our team! I am so very pleased to hand things off to someone so capable and enthusiastic. Thank you Jim!

The POST newsletter email is now programmed to release at 5:00pm each Sunday, with content pulled automatically from our POST blog. Remember, you have choices about how to receive news. You can:

  1. subscribe to the blog to get an email notification each time a new entry is published (input your email address in the “Breaking News” box in the right sidebar on our What’s Going On page),
  2. visit the blog any time at your convenience to see what is new, or
  3. subscribe to this weekly digest format email newsletter

If you no longer wish to receive the weekly emails, it is very easy to UNSUBSCRIBE via the link at the very bottom of the email from MailChimp.

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