Parking Lot Warning

by Principal Jerry Mayes

Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff:

Our number 1 priority is to ensure the safety of each and every student, parent and faculty member. Therefore, parents, students, family members or friends who are dropping off students in the morning, picking them up after school, any after school function or sporting event MUST NOT pull up into the courtyard area for any reason. Your student needs to exit the building and walk out to you in the student parking area. 

Parents have been pulling all the way up in the courtyard to pick up students and are blocking faculty members in by not pulling into parking spaces. There have also been occasions where students have almost been hit by a vehicle. The courtyard area is a cut-through area for staff and students to cross from one part of the building to another.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – 9/29-2015 – If you pull into the courtyard area and are not in a properly marked parking spot, we will call the police even if you are sitting in your vehicle. Again, this is a safety issue for all.