‘Priceless’ Value of PTSA Membership: Information!

‘Priceless’ Value of PTSA Membership: Information!

There are many benefits of PTSA membership at Manual, but one that I found more valuable than any during my four years was the information available in the Facebook group. It is an incredible resource for families new and veteran alike. For example, our President Robin Weiss put together the handy summary below of FAQs while helping out at school yesterday and posted it in the group. 

Access to our ‘closed’ Facebook groups is one of the ‘members only’ benefits, and well worth the $10 annual investment all by itself. Join or renew now so you don’t miss out: http://bit.ly/JoinManualPTSA. HEADS UP: we will be comparing group members against our dues roster for the 2018-19 school year in mid-August, and removing those who are not current PTSA members.


Q. How do I register for a parent portal account?
A. Go to https://www.jefferson.kyschools.us/login/parent-portal to sign in or sign up. If you have an issue with your account, contact:
(502) 313-4357

Q. What if I don’t have a credit card?
A. Show up to registration as normal with a check and start in the library.

Q. What if I’m on fee waiver?
A. You will only need to pay your (freshman/soph/junior/senior/) class dues. (This is about $30.) These are the only ones not waived on fee waiver. If you have your letter of approval, bring that with you.

Q. Why am I not able to pay online?
A. You have to use the parent’s portal, not the student portal. If you are on the parent portal, you will want to check that you are on this site for the actual payment: http://www.spsezpay.com/JCPS If you’re still having problems, contact: 1-866-MYEZPAY (1-866-693-9729) Take Option 1

Q. Are there “extras” available at registration?
A. Yes! The PTSA Membership is sold separately for you AND your students: http://bit.ly/JoinManualPTSA There are also RAM Cards ($70 for students, $65 for parents): https://twitter.com/ManualAthlet…/status/1021827667115560963 Yearbooks will be on sale. (They will be $65, it goes up to $$70 on the first day of school.) There will also be a selection of spirit wear.

Q. It says to print it out but the receipt isn’t clear as to what I paid for…
A. You can go back into parent portal if you want to print a more detailed receipt. This will show a sero balance once you’ve paid in SPS EZ Pay. Show this receipt at registration or a screen shot.

Q. What do we do with updated immunization forms?
A. Bring those with you to registration. There will be a collection spot designated.

Q. What do I do if I can’t attend registration?
A. You can send your student or another adult. If you’re not available at all on your day of registration, stay tuned! We will announce if there will be a makeup date based on registration numbers.

Q. It says they aren’t accepting money until August 1, how do I pay?
A. It sounds like you’re in MySchoolBucks, this is for lunch related fees. We are not talking about these fees. You need to be at: http://www.spsezpay.com/JCPS

Q. What about the activity fees tab in SPS EZ Pay?
A. These are offered by JCPS and are not used by us at all, please ignore.

Q. Oops, I accidentally paid the fees for the activity fee tab. What do I do now?
A. You need to call 1-866-MYEZPAY (1-866-693-9729) Take Option 1 for Parent Assistance.

Q. Are you taking Fundamentals of Dance?
A. It will be in your account on 7/31/18.

Q. Why is this so much compared to other years’ fees?
A. In previous years, you paid the enrollment fee and class dues at registration. Once school got started, individual classes would ask for their fees with the syllabus. This is an effort to put it all together at once.

Q. Why is there a convenience fee?
A. It’s part of the third party vendor processing the payments.