Proposed Graduation Requirements

Proposed Graduation Requirements

The Kentucky Board of Education recently acted on a proposal to revise graduation requirements in ways that could deny a diploma to students who do not pass certain tests in high school.

These requirements aren’t set in stone yet. A public hearing on the new requirements is set for November 29 at 10 a.m. at the Kentucky Department of Education in Frankfort. Written comments will be accepted until November 30.  This is your opportunity as a student, parent, or educator to speak up and tell the Kentucky Board of Education your opinion.

How can you get involved in making sure that all Kentucky students have equal access to the opportunities they deserve?

  • Visit these links to educate yourself on the new requirements and how they will affect students.  
  • Please call (502) 564-3141 before November 29 and tell them to hit pause on implementing new graduation requirements so they can seek collaborative input from students, families, and educators on what Kentucky’s graduation requirements should be.  
  • Email your written comments against the new requirements to before November 30.  

National PTA Position on Testing

PTA Testing Bill of Rights

Don’t let the Board make such an important decision without hearing from all stakeholder groups. Make your voice heard today!