PTSA Perspectives: Delene Taylor, (P)arent

PTSA Perspectives: Delene Taylor, (P)arent

As I think back to this time last year, I remember being excited about my daughter starting her freshman year at Manual, but I also felt overwhelmed and unprepared. Information did not seem as accessible to parents as it was in elementary and middle school, and I realized too late that many club and sports activities were already well underway mid-summer, before Crimson Day or school registration even began.

As I searched for information online, I stumbled across a Facebook group for the Manual PTSA, posted a question about an event that I was having difficulty getting details about, and mentioned my frustration. Right away, I received a response from the President and a “Be careful or you will end up on our communications team!” comment. Being extremely busy with a professional career, a teen in competitive sports and clubs, elderly parents in poor health requiring ongoing help, a side job keeping books for a couple of small companies, and several volunteer commitments already, I knew there was no way I should be taking on another role. However, I agreed to help out with social media, as a way to stay more in the loop.

I cannot tell you how beneficial it was! From the moment I attended my first PTSA Board meeting, I realized that this team of people was something special. I had never before been part of an entirely volunteer group (or even paid, for that matter) that was so generous, so organized, so talented and knowledgeable, and so dedicated and passionate about creating an awesome experience for the entire Manual community. I sat in awe as I listened to all they had accomplished already and were planning to achieve during the school year. I learned so much as Mr. Mayes and others spoke about all that was happening at Manual, and became so energized and inspired, I was hooked.

I have enjoyed every minute serving with this group, and although there is still a lot that I don’t know about Manual, its history, its staff, its programs and achievements, there is much that I DO know, and am so proud to be a small part of. More than anything, I have been impressed by these kids – their initiative, their compassion, their creativity, their boldness, their intensity, their diversity, and their commitment to excellence.

If you are not engaged, you are missing out! Being active in this PTSA is one of my favorite experiences, and I look forward to serving the next three years!