SBDMs need your support

From Ronda Harmon, Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of School Councils (KASC):

There’s a November 19 joint education committee meeting in Frankfort, where Jim Waters of Bluegrass Institute and Randy Poe, supt of Boone County, are continuing the annual attack against SBDM. (We’ve got two KASC board members who are going to testify if they are allowed on the agenda.) 

1) For now, ASAP please contact: 

Sen. Max Wise (CO-CHAIR) twitter @maxwellwise

Rep. John Carney  (CO-CHAIR) twitter  @BamCarney 

Message Line for both: 1-800-372-7181

Create your own message or use/revise some examples below:

I’m a parent and I count on my voice being heard through the SBDM council. Please protect my role in decision-making.

One-size doesn’t fit all and the schools in our district are different; protect decision-making at the school level.

Just like with charter schools, the people closest to the students need to be deeply involved in decision-making. If we want to reach and teach every child we need the ideas of parents, teachers, administrator, and students. 

These are Twitter and Facebook messages going out daily from KASC. 

SBDM councils know their schools and focus on student achievement. Why change what is working? #SBDM4kids

Decision-making at the school level should be made by the people who know their students: parents, teachers, and principal. #SBDM4kids

Taking voice and buy-in away from parents, teachers, and principals will inspire less commitment and more compliance. #SBDM4kids

Decisions made on behalf of students should be made by the people closest to their needs: parents, teachers, and principals. #SBDM4kids 

SBDM councils provide voice to people interacting with students daily: their parents, teachers, and principal. Let’s keep it that way.  #SBDM4kids

SBDM council members understand the issues facing their families. Let’s keep what is working. #SBDM4kids

Parents, teachers, and principals have personal relationships with the students in their school. They know what is working and what can be improved. SBDM councils lead change in schools. #SBDM4kids

2) Attend the meeting

Monday, November 19, attend the meeting to show support for SBDM. You won’t be asked to speak; just be in the audience and talk to committee members after the meeting, if possible.

  • Monday, November 19, 2018
  • 1:00 SBDM section is first and should be over by 1:45 (full meeting by 2:30)
  • Capital Annex Room 154, Frankfort, KY

Please email us know if you plan to attend.

Thank you for your continued work to give our Kentucky students a high-quality education.