Prepare to be impressed by our science students!

Prepare to be impressed by our science students!

The 14th Annual Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair (KY-SEF) was held in Richmond, Kentucky, on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Nearly 300 of the finest young scientists from grades 5-12 from across the state competed for awards and scholarships. The senior high school competition is affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) and the best senior high projects from the statewide KY-SEF will be entered in the Intel ISEF competition in Phoenix, AZ in May 2016.

Congrats to the ISEF Finalists from duPont Manual joining Team Kentucky!

Mukund Venkatakrishnan
Emily Liu
Harsha Paladugu
Manasa Sunkara and Danielle Graves (team)
Diya Mathur and Sophia Korner (team)
Lavanya Kanneganti
Conor Blackburn
Sanjana Rane
Roshan Duggineni

First Place

Behavioral and Social Sciences – Julie Nguyen
Biochemistry – Sanjana Rane
Biomedical and Health Sciences – Riya Shah
Biomedical Engineering – Lavanya Kanneganti
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics – Sarah Schwartz and Greg Schwartz
Earth and Environmental Sciences – Will Drury
Embedded Systems – Mukund Venkatakrishnan
Energy: Physical – Minh Tran
Environmental Engineering – Conor Blackburn
Material Science – Manasa Sunkara and Danielle Graves
Mathematics – Henry Robbins and Spencer Strelsov
Microbiology – Srikhar Padmanabhan
Robotics and Intelligent Machines – Joshua Ashley and Abraham Riedel-Mishaam
Systems Software – Mark Gomonuk, Vishal Polepalli, and Prajwal Vemireddy
Translational Medical Science – Praharahasai Paladugu

Second Place

Animal Sciences – Ishaan Jindal
Behavioral and Social Sciences – Diya Mathur and Sophia Korner
Biochemistry – Aman Mann
Biomedical Engineering – Rohan Kulkarni
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics – Anjali Chadha
Earth and Environmental Sciences – Brooke Bollinger and Josie Grace-Mudd
Embedded Systems – Ben Jiang
Energy: Chemical – Roshan Duggineni
Energy: Physical – Natasha Gupta and Tanya Gupta
Engineering Mechanics – David Yi, Govind Krishna, and Vivek Balakrishna
Mathematics – Sri Bhamidipati
Microbiology – Clay Jolly and Andrew Crittenden
Physics and Astronomy – Emily Liu
Plant Sciences – Camille Rougier

Third Place

Behavioral and Social Sciences – Emily Liu
Biomedical Engineering – Allison Tu
Cellular and Molecular Biology – Annie Zhang
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics – Amit Sahoo
Energy: Chemical – Ruchira Sumanaasekera and Mark Raj
Energy: Physical – Megan Radke
Engineering Mechanics – Macy Shah
Systems Software – Ryan Folz

See the Manual RedEye related story about the visit from Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz(D-FL) and Rep. John Yarmuth(D-KY)

Here is the full list of duPont Manual Regional Science Fair results.

For a quick flashback to 2015 results:

Here are a few of the other recent awards for duPont Manual students:


Manual RED Team – 1st Place
Manual WHITE Team – 2nd Place
Manual BLACK Team – 3rd Place


Manual A Placed 3rd Overall
Praneeth Goli Captain
Allison Tu
Anirudh Adavi
Aditya Mehta
Eddy Zhong

Manual B Placed 5th Overall
Anjali Chadha
Srikhar Padmanaban
Srikur Kanuparthy
Joshua Jose
Forest Clevenger

American Mathematics Competition(AMC):

The following students received a score to qualify for the AIME(American Invitational Mathematics Examination). The AMC 10A and AMC 12A tests were conducted at Manual.

AMC 10 A – Anirudh Adavi (Honor Roll of Distinction Pin)
AMC 12 A – Shravan Ravishankar

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium:

1st – Mukund Venkatakrishnan
2nd – Madison Sneve
3rd – Roshan Duggineni
4th – Sanjana Kothari