Spotlight: Quick Recall

“Quick Recall is a state-wide tournament that consists of two teams competing against each other in different subject areas,” says Lavanya Kanneganti, senior member of the team. Players compete by buzzing in more quickly than the other team. Ms. Shiroma, the sponsor for the team, says that she enjoys quick recall because “every time [she] finishes a match, [she] feels like she’s learned something new.” Competitions in the fall are once a week for the JCPS league and every other weekend out of state.

Lavanya has played quick recall since she was in fourth grade and says that it was her first entrance into the realm of academic competitiveness. She has played for so long that she doesn’t consider it a stressful commitment; she “loves what [she] does”. It is evident that Lavanya’s family and upbringing have increased her tenacity for quick recall: she watches Jeopardy with her brother at home and says that although the study material can be daunting, her family has encouraged her to look past it and love the sport. Lavanya plans to pursue quick recall and quiz bowl in college: “Apparently there are not as many girls on the circuit, but I guess I’ll change that.”

Quick Recall 1

Quick Recall 2