Spotlight: Winner’s Circle Robo Jockeys Robotics Team

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Student Leadership: The team is led by 5 engineering captains and 5 entrepreneurship captains, determined by the beginning of the team’s winter competition season.

Teacher Sponsors: Alisia McClain and Glenn Zwanzig

What is the mission of Winner’s Circle Robo Jockeys at Manual? To provide real-world hands-on learning to high school students in engineering, technology, business and communications. This is done by exposing students to career-enhancing skills through mentorship from professionals in engineering, business, and other fields. This team is working to build a community of STEM champions – sponsors, mentors, parents and students — who help teens build a foundation for a future in STEM and related fields.

What are the requirements to become a WCRJ member? Membership on the team requires a commitment to attending regular practices, plus parent support to help run the volunteer-managed team (volunteers spent over 2500 hours mentoring and supporting the team last year). The team has two components – engineering and entrepreneurship.
• Membership on the engineering team requires a higher level of commitment, including attending 6-12 hours a week of weeknight and weekend practices, especially during the team’s winter build season.
• Membership on the entrepreneurship team is less demanding – attending practices every other Friday after school to help with business, marketing, social media, game strategy, etc.

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Spotlight: Campus Life

Campus Life

Where: Room 339

When: Thursdays until 4:00pm

Open to: All students

Info: Aaron Morris

Campus Life High School ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Students in Campus Life build positive relationships with their peers, mentors, and Christ. Meetings are held in room 339 after school on Thursday and go until 4:00. Students from all walks of life and backgrounds are welcome and will find food, fellowship, and fun.

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