PTSA Perspectives: Alana Alford, (T)eacher

Alana Alford

Layers, Textures, Richness

Alana Alford
Textile and Design Teacher
Visual Art Magnet Chair
duPont Manual HS, VA Magnet Graduate, Class of 1992

There are many layers and textures in my world, all that have been graciously accepted.

As art can be, life is full of layers and textures, and if you are one of the fortunate ones, richness too.

I come from a family who takes pride in creativity, detail, craftsmanship and tradition. My grandmother sewed and quilted. My grandfather restored a historical old floor loom from our family and taught himself to weave on it. My family collects handmade quilts covered in embroidery details. Our homes are nests for objects that are infused with the spirits of those lost or experiences fleeting. From these relationships and objects, layers of experience are born and intertwine.

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PTSA Perspectives: Trish Kline, (P)arent

Trish Kline

PTSA has made such a tremendous impact on my life. I first jumped into PTA at Dunn Elementary; what an incredible experience right from the get-go! For a new parent at a new school, it can be difficult to navigate. With my son entering kindergarten, I was nervous about the whole experience…from taking the bus the first day, to having all the right school supplies and lunchbox, to figuring out the carpool line in the afternoon. I wanted him to have the best experience possible. Thankfully, members from the PTA were there to lessen my worries, answer my questions, and help me feel more at ease with this big step in my child’s life. It was so reassuring to interact with other parents who knew what I was going through and reached out to help. From there, I was hooked. I joined Dunn’s PTA Board to get connected, learn more about the teachers and the school, and to meet more fantastic parents.

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PTSA Perspectives: Leslie Fowler, (P)arent

After eleven years, this will be my last year as a Manual parent. During these years I have helped out with the Field Hockey Boosters, and with YPAS and VA activities. My involvement with the PTSA, however, has been on the fringes; helping out with Project Graduation and volunteering in the College and Career Center. … Read morePTSA Perspectives: Leslie Fowler, (P)arent

PTSA Perspectives: Delene Taylor, (P)arent

Delene Taylor

As I think back to this time last year, I remember being excited about my daughter starting her freshman year at Manual, but I also felt overwhelmed and unprepared. Information did not seem as accessible to parents as it was in elementary and middle school, and I realized too late that many club and sports activities were already well underway mid-summer, before Crimson Day or school registration even began.

As I searched for information online, I stumbled across a Facebook group for the Manual PTSA, posted a question about an event that I was having difficulty getting details about, and mentioned my frustration. Right away, I received a response from the President and a “Be careful or you will end up on our communications team!” comment. Being extremely busy with a professional career, a teen in competitive sports and clubs, elderly parents in poor health requiring ongoing help, a side job keeping books for a couple of small companies, and several volunteer commitments already, I knew there was no way I should be taking on another role. However, I agreed to help out with social media, as a way to stay more in the loop.

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