New Security Procedures from Vicky Lete

If you came to dMHS last week, you may have noticed new security procedures have been put in place.  When you buzz at the front entrance, you will be asked “May I help you?”  Please don’t take offense; staff will ask that question regardless of how many times you’ve been at school.  Just state your … Read moreNew Security Procedures from Vicky Lete

First dMHS School Safety Meeting Summary

Safe School Zone

In response to the recent gun violence in Florida and Marshall County high schools, the first Safety Committee meeting was held at Manual on March 29. Principal Mayes and Asst. Principal Kuhn facilitated the meeting. A handout was distributed which included specific recommendations from a retired Secret Service Agent. The meeting attendees commented on these suggestions, and also made recommendations of their own.

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Safety Committee Meeting Rescheduled

Safe School Zone

Snow canceled our first meeting on March 21st; but we are not deterred from working together to make Manual as safe as possible!

Our new Safety Committee will meet for the first time next Thursday, March 29th at 6 PM in the Manual Auditorium.

Thus far we have:

  • The results of a safety audit by a retired Secret Service agent who consults with schools 
  • Two pledges of financial support
  • ALICE safety procedures

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