Your Guide to the CCC (College and Career Center)

by Trish Kline

ccccccWhat is the CCC?

  • Is it a new acronym for teens that parents aren’t meant to figure out? Is it a new club at Manual? Or maybe it’s a cool new hangout place over in Cardinal Town? Well…it IS a COOL place to hangout…but it’s located right inside our very own Guidance Office. It’s called the CCC- otherwise known as the College & Career Center.

Who uses the CCC?

  • Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors

What’s located in the CCC?

  • Brochures on HUNDREDS of colleges
  • Calendar showing college rep visits
  • Map showing colleges across the US
  • Scholarship info
  • Reference materials – ACT/SAT/PSAT prep, College books, Book of majors, AP review books, Essay writing
  • Common App chart & deadlines
  • Summer employment opportunities
  • Military options
  • Technical/vocational opportunities
  • 3 computers and a printer

When is the CCC open?

  • Anytime during school hours. Come during study hall, lunch, before or immediately after school

Who staffs the CCC?

  • 60 parent volunteers per month

CCC1Why visit the CCC?

  • To work on your college application
  • To attend a college rep visit (Princeton, Duke, American, Vanderbilt, Boston, Columbia, Purdue, Wash U, etc)
  • To find out about scholarships
  • To check out reference materials
  • To look at several college brochures
  • To learn about summer employment opportunities
  • To map out a college visit trip
  • To look up online college info
  • To find out about other opportunities after graduation (military, technical school, etc)

How do I find out which college reps are visiting?

  • Click on this link to see the full schedule
  • Check the calendar hanging on the wall outside the Guidance office
  • Krista Just routinely emails students/parents regarding upcoming college rep visits
  • Check out Manual PTSA’s FB page – college visits are posted every Sunday for the upcoming week

How does my student go about attending a college rep visit?

  • College rep visits last anywhere from 10 min to 1 hour
  • Check with your teacher prior to the visit to confirm that you may leave class
  • If student cannot afford to stay for the entire hour due to classroom priorities, it is OK to simply pop in for 5 minutes, say HI to the rep, and grab a brochure
  • If student cannot attend the visit, ask a friend who is attending to grab information for you
  • Parents are asked not to attend as the focus is to facilitate interaction between students and college reps only