Shadowing at duPont Manual High School

Manual welcomes the opportunity to allow your 8th grade, parochial, private, Anchorage, non-Jefferson County resident, home-schooled or out-of-state student to shadow a Manual student. Shadows will have the opportunity to see two classes, with at least one class in the magnet they choose, as well as join us for lunch so they can see the wonderful student body that makes Manual such a special place.

Pursuant to JCPS district guidelines, current JCPS students are not allowed to shadow any JCPS high school. We hope that you will take advantage of attending our Manual 8th grade Open House and the Showcase of Schools. Both of these will be a virtual events with Open House kicking off at the end of October 2020. We look forward to sharing Manual High School with you.

Please click on the video below for a virtual shadowing experience.

If you need any assistance with admissions – please contact Michele Bynum at or 977-5273. Thanks.

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The shadow day will consist of: (JUST NOT THIS YEAR)

Drop off & Pick up FOR ALL MAGNETS is at the YPAS Annex Bldg. (Sam Meyers Hall). The physical address is 1517 S. 2nd Street.

  • Drop off - Someone will be here to greet your student and check them in.
  • Pick up – Your student will be walked out to meet you at the designated pick-up time.
School day info
  • Lunch – Students may bring lunch from home or school lunch is $2.90.
  • Attire – common sense casual. No bare midriffs, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, sagging pants, super short clothing or anything that will be overly distracting to your student during the day. Please be comfortable, but recognize it is a school.
  • Bring something to read or work on in case your host has a quiz in the classroom. Cell phones are only allowed out at the discretion of each teacher and ringer should be turned off during the day. A string sack for lunch, water bottle, and a book works well.

We look forward to meeting your student!